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Travel the world – with peace of mind

There are many reasons, circumstances and variables that might cause someone to look for travel insurance. These days, when more people travel more often, travel insurance is a vital safety net and without it, you’ll spend your time travelling worrying about all the things that might happen, and how you’re unprotected if they do. Literally […]

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River cruises – when history, culture and beauty collide

The river cruise is becoming an increasingly popular way of either exploring the world’s treasures or simply enjoying a relaxing getaway. Now that river cruise ships are rivalling and even surpassing ocean cruise liners in quality, luxury, space and service, more and more people are choosing to take a river cruise instead. The benefit of […]

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Enjoy a luxury river cruise – and lose yourself in a fairytale

I remember my river cruise holiday last year with my partner. My favourite part was the castle-studded stretch of the beautiful, romantic Rhine river in Germany. I remember seeing the sun tip over castles that were straight out of storybooks – eminent, grand and awe-inspiring. This stretch of castles made the valley the centre of […]

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Don’t Make the Mistake of Moving to a Holiday Favourite

There are many places to see in the world, but some people find a favourite and end up going there every year. It’s certain to be a place that is a little warmer than home but not necessarily abroad. You must remember that regular jet travel is still relatively recent and some people’s behavioural patterns […]

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A Holiday Vacation at Home

Turning an Ordinary Weekend to a Lively Bingo Night or a Beach-themed All Nighter With the rising gas prices and tourist destinations becoming more crowded year by year, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise that the working man would opt out of a vacation away from home. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep […]

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Great Barrier Reef Great Adventure

Famous for its sun, sand and surf Australia can be difficult to get to, but it’s a country with much to offer even the most hardened traveller. One of the best ways to pack as much into your limited time as possible is to take advantage of a tour operator. Adventure Tours Australia is a […]

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What to see in El Gouna


El Gouna lies on the Red Sea coast, offering the dual pleasures of Egypt with its fabulous ancient pyramids and the Red Sea Riviera with top quality hotels and fantastic service all in one holiday. El Gouna is aimed at those in search of a more luxurious holiday experience from Europe and Egypt, rather than […]

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Visit Barbados During the Off Season


Barbados is a busy place during its peak season between mid-December and mid-April. However, the island’s tropical climate means that temperatures remain steady and pleasant throughout the year. To enjoy the best of this beautiful island without dealing with the crowds, it’s best to visit Barbados during the off season (May, June, October or November), […]

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Something to Celebrate in February in Spain


The short, grey, mid-winter days of February deserve a celebration. The days 2nd – 3rd of February play host to just this – if you jump on a plane. The festival, Día de la Candelaria, Day of the Candles, or Candlemas, originated in the fifth century and continues in the 21st, with most dedication in […]

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Travelling to Marbella

Many centuries ago the Southern Spanish town of Marbella was but a small fishing village. Nowadays, it has been transformed into one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Besides the ideal climate, Marbella — situated on the Costa del Sol — has just about everything for the perfect holiday of fun and […]

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