Finally a Trip to the Rock of Gibraltar

Ever considered a trip to Gibraltar? I have had it in the back of my mind for quite some time. I am not entirely sure if it is the draw of the Barbary Macaques, or the fact that it is a quirky oversees territory that is bordered only by Andalusia Spain to the North, but it appeals to my curious nature. Oh, and the part about it being only seven miles long holds some strange appeal too.

This is a place with a history of contention, as to this day Spain continues to assert a claim to it, and the Gibraltarians reject such sovereignty. Thus, Gibraltar is governed by itself for the majority, but its defence and foreign relations are directed by the United Kingdom.

As for those monkeys, well they were definitely cherished by at least one prominent historical figure, Winston Churchill. It is said that he took measures to ensure their safety when their population began to dwindle. Therefore, upon my arrival to the Rock tomorrow I will rush to greet them.

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