The Brand New Dali Museum Unveiled

Oh that quirky Salvador Dali! To me he is an eclectic mix involving artistic master, and quizzical prankster. His art is still so highly revered that there is yet another facility to display and celebrate his work. Only this time it is a full fledged museum all just for him. His popularity continues to soar, and it seems that to honor him properly no expense was spared in the creation of this space.

The new Dali Museum is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, right on the waterfront. The architecture is both surreal, and sound, as the designers considered his strange character, and the threat of hurricanes and came up with one doozie of a building. Most impressive is the tremendous spiral staircase that rises into the overhanging, transparent geo dome.

This museum, which held its opening in January, is said to house more of Dali’s works than any other place outside of Europe. I for one did not realize there were so many Dali fans in Florida during the thirteen years I resided there. But, this gives me one more banner reason to become reunited with the sunshine state.

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