What Rocking and Rambling Will Get You

The years have gifted me with the chance to rock and ramble my way through life so far. The opportunity to travel extensively, has brought to me the knowledge of how much I need to be able to spread my wings and see what this world has to offer. Along with that has come an intense love of food, the more diverse the better. it is in fact a passion that is rivaled by very few things indeed. In fact, over just about anything I would pick a dazzling delicious meal, but I will claim the same for the adventure to a new unexplored locale. Luckily, these are normally activities which go hand in hand, and there is rarely a need to pick between the two.

Safe in that knowledge, I will share with you all that I see, touch, taste and smell. For those who hanker to try delicacies that are foreign to them, I hope this will prompt action to be taken, and for those who are in the process of exploring weird and wonderful foods, may this provide further inspiration. With the stories of travel, my wish is to open a window for those who have not yet ventured very far, and to show a path to yet another wonderous destination for those who are already hitting the trail.